Product Code: CB-112-250g


Coffee tasting notes: The Pavoni Blend has a combination of rich flavours that include a fruity wine essence, intense aroma and moderate acidity. It's rich bodied, creamy dark chocolate undertones add a fuller flavour to a milk based coffee, yet it is still perfect as a rich espresso.  

Please note: Plunger, Filter, Percolator are the same coarseness



Caffe` Euroblend – Pavoni Blend is a multi award winning coffee and our signature blend. Named after the famous La Pavoni espresso machines, made in Milan, which introduced espresso to the world café market in 1905. We use the latest model La Pavoni espresso machines in our own café and these machines are also used by many of our café and domestic customers. The marriage of La Pavoni machines with our Pavoni coffee is a heavenly blend, producing a very satisfying extraction.

The Pavoni Blend is a combination of coffee beans from 5 different countries, individually carefully roasted to bring out their best attributes. The various nuances, merge together to produce the unique flavour and strength, needed to enrich a milk based coffee. It can be enjoyed however one prefers to brew their coffee. This coffee has been developed for the very sophisticated multicultural Australian coffee lovers.