Caffe` EuroBlend - Single Origin Coffees

  • Brazilian Santos

    Medium roast, fresh & fruity in aroma & flavour, a well balanced coffee with medium body and acidity, including subtle hints of coconut & sweet berries.

  • Colombian

    A medium roast with slight acidity, medium to full body, nutty & light fruity aftertones.

  • Costa Rica

    Medium to dark roast with bright acidity, well balanced flavour & delicate fruity finish. 

  • Decaffeinated

    A richly flavoured certified organic decaff, medium to dark roast with slight acidity, medium body and a delicate after taste. 

  • Ethiopian

    Medium to dark roast with a winey aromatic bouquet, and full, even body. Spiced nutmeg & cloves accent the Ethiopian's darker, slightly salted caramel & earthy undertones. A uniquely balanced single origin roast.   

  • Guatemala

    Medium to dark roast, balanced full bodied, hints of citrus & cocoa flavours, a pleasant light to medium acidity.

  • Indonesian Mandheling

    Medium roast, sweet full body, low acidity and pleasant aftertaste with hints of a nutty and chocolatey flavour, great for espresso.

  • Kenyan

    A strong, medium to dark roast, with a full chocolaty body and mellow acidity, holds bold flavours of citrus wine like fruitiness.

  • Yemen

    A uniquely exquisite flavour, carefully roasted to extract the beans best characteristics, a complex taste with a full bodied, exotically spiced flavour, acidity is medium, with an overall earthiness & hints of bittersweet dark cocoa. A delightful, well balanced coffee, also great with milk.