Product Code: SO-113-500


Coffee tasting notes: Medium to dark roast with bright acidity. It has a well balanced flavour and a delicate fruity finish. 

Please note: Plunger, Filter, Percolator are the same coarseness



Our selection of coffee beans from Costa Rica are richly flavoured arabica beans roasted to enhance their best characteristics. Great enjoyed as an espresso or with milk.  Colour of the beans may vary as this is a photo image. 

History of Costa Rican coffee: Coffee was first introduced in 1796. In 1809, it has been said that Father Felix Velarde, a Catholic priest started cultivation with seeds that came from Panama, Cuba or Jamaica. Records at the time show that coffee was mainly known to cure headaches and considered more as a medicine than a drink. Today, Costa Rican coffee is still a valued export, boasting the highest yields in the world thanks to modern farming practice in fertilisation and irrigation, and supported well by governmental regulation.