Caffe` EuroBlend - Coffee Blends

  • Double Roast

    A blend of dark to medium roasted beans, sweet yet smoky aroma, medium body. The low acidity of the double roasted beans are accompanied by delicate nuances of berries & sweet toffee, caramelised aftertones that can be further enriched with milk or enjoyed as an espresso.

  • French Blend

    An intensely full-bodied and complex blend of coffee beans from various countries, with a warm toasted aroma, initial sharpness that leads into flavours of roasted hazelnuts & vanilla, with darker cocoa undertones. It leaves a strong, lingering aftertaste.

  • House Blend

    Mix of medium and light roasted beans making it bright & well-balanced blend of coffee beans, with subtle vanilla accents & tangy yet sweet apple after tones, a medium body & is one of our true classics, enjoyed an espresso, macchiato or provides an enhanced flavour to lattes and cappuccinos.

  • Italian Blend

    Combination of medium to lightly roasted beans, subtle & sweet aroma with hints of roasted almonds, a slight tanginess that is softened by a lighter, delicate body with hints of sweet spices.

  • Old Vienna

    A medium & lightly roast blend of coffee beans, with a smooth medium body and medium acidity, pleasant & lively with a sweet citrus flavour. Great for plunger & percolator coffees or espresso & long blacks.


  • Pavoni Blend

    Caffe` EuroBlend - Pavoni Blend is a combination of richly flavoured coffee beans from various countires that include a fruity wine essence, intense aroma and moderate acidity. It's rich bodied, creamy dark chocolate undertones add a fuller flavour to a milk based coffee, yet still perfect as a rich espresso.