La Pavoni Lever Machine Stradivari Chrome Base

Product Code: 5-32411245

Part No. 32411245 - La Pavoni lever machine Stradivari chrome base with gaskets for pre 2020 models: STL, STH, SPL, SPH, SGR, EXP 2015, Esperto Abile, Esperto Edotto, Esperto Competente, La Grande Bellezza, Milano 2015.

It is reccomended to change the boiler to base gaskets as well.

Part no. for Europiccola size boiler gaskets Qty 2 x 362019 or Professional size boiler gaskets Qty1 x 362081 and 1x 362019

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La Pavoni metal base for models with a Stradivari base - Part No. 32411245  

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La Pavoni domestic coffee machine and grinder spare parts manuals. 

Model Code Type of group head seals Spare Parts Manuals
Europiccola EL, ELH, EN, ERG Pre 2000 or Post 2000 models europiccola_professional_spare_parts.pdf
Europiccola ELQ - LPLELQ01 Post 2020 - 2022 models el-europiccola-spare-parts-2020-to-2022.pdf
Professional PL, PLH, PRG, PDH Pre 2000 or Post 2000 models europiccola_professional_spare_parts.pdf
Professional PLQ - LPLPLQ01 Post 2020 - 2022 models professional-plq-spare-parts-2020-2022.pdf
Professional PLH - LPLPLH01 Post 2020 - 2022 models professional-plh-spare-parts-2020-2022.pdf


STL, STH, SPL, SPH, SGR Post 2000 models stradivari_spare_parts.pdf


SPL - LPLSPL01 Post 2020 - 2022 models stradivari-spl-spare-parts-2020-2022.pdf
Stradivari Grand Romantica SGR Post 2000 models stradivari_gran_romantica_spare_parts.pdf
Grand Romantica GRL Post 2000 models grl_spare_parts.pdf
Expo 2015 EXP Post 2000 models lgb_spare_parts.pdf
Expo 2015 LPLEXPO01 Post 2020 - 2022 models expo2015-spare-parts-2020-2022.pdf
Milano 2015 MLN Post 2000 models Milano_spare_parts.pdf
La Grande Bellezza LGB Post 2000 models lgb_spare_parts
Esperto Abile ESPAB Post 2000 models espab_spare_parts.pdf
Esperto Edotto ESPED Post 2000 models esped_spare_parts.pdf
Esperto Competente ESCPO Post 2000 models espco_spare_parts.pdf
Domus Bar DMB Pump Model domus_bar_spare_parts_1.pdf
Jolly Dosage Grinder JDL, JDR   RIC_JollyDosato
Jolly Grinder JL, JR Jolly parts