Product Code: Part No. 2140028


La Pavoni coffee tamper is 50.6 mm, made to fit La Pavoni post 2000 models. Made in Italy and all in one mould, stainless steal with a beautiful handle.

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The tamper dimensions: width of base 50.6 mm, depth of base 8 mm, total height 87 mm, weight 300g.

Made in Italy, all in one mould and stainless steal.

The benefit with this tamper is that the 8 mm depth of the base is a great guide as it helps you to determine the sufficient amount coffee in the dish. When the tamper is flush with the top edge of the coffee dish after tamping firmly but not too hard, you will know you have an adequate amount ground coffee in your dish.

The La Pavoni coffee tamper is included with all La Pavoni Esperto models. View the Video below for more information.

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Video of the ESPERTO ABILE