Product Code: Part No.5383010


This is the genuine La Pavoni adhesive thermometer strip that indicates temperatures from 75 to 105 degrees Celsius or 167 to 221 Fahrenheit. This temperature strip has been introduced on the new La Pavoni Esperto lever coffee machine range. 

It can be applied to the group head of any coffee machine to help to determine the accurate group head temperature in preparation for extracting espressos.



The recommended temperature for espresso extraction should be between 87- 93 degrees Celsius. The adhesive thermometer will change colour as it heats up. If 90 degrees is highlighted then the group head is hot enough to make coffee. The porta filter must also be warmed up to break down the oils in the coffee granual. Overheating however will lead to dry or burnt and over roasted coffee granules. This is a helpful guide for temperature control in the coffee making process.

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Video of the ESPERTO ABILE