Product Code: 453040/3120104/362021/31111443/313003/313525


These spare parts fit the La Pavoni Professional lever coffee machine boilers. The Pressure gauge with adapters and seals connect to the boiler and the top of the water level site glass. 

These are spare parts are also required if you wish to add a pressure guage to the smaller boiler of nikel plated Europiccola models. 

Adaptable to the PLQ, PLH, ELQ, ELH

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Parts include:

Chrome Pressure Guage- (Manometro DM40) Part no. 453040

Chrome adapter nut (Raccordo Manometro) Part no. 3120104

2 x Nylon white seal or washer (Guarnizione) Part no. 362021

Nickel plated brass -upper attachment conecting to the site glass for water level display and connecter to the boiler and pressure gauge. This is made specifically to fit the pressure guage.(Attacco superiore livello) Part No. 31111441 

Brass washer (Rondella 12.1x17x1)Part no. 313003

Brass nut for inside the boiler (Corpo Rubinetto) Part No. 313525