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We take great care to thoroughly check all machines before shipment and pack them carefully with adequate padding. We also send with travel insurance.

FREE 250g of Caffè EuroBlend

We include our freshly roasted Pavoni Blend, perfectly ground for the espresso machine to assist you with a reference for the correct grind for the espresso machine.

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La Pavoni lever machines supplied by Euroespresso Machine Co. Pty Ltd are made to approved Australian electrical standards.



The La Pavoni - Europiccola was designed in the 1950s and later it’s big brother the Professional was introduced in 1974.

The classic, simple yet durable, timelessly elegant espresso lever machine has evolved since it’s introduction, however is still performing today in a similar way to the very first model.

The Europiccola Lusso Gold - ERG features rosewood handles, copper boiler and is largely constructed of cast brass with gold plating and matching metal drip tray.

It has a boiler capacity to produce up to 8 amazing espressos. Alternatively steam comes directly from the boiler to produce 4 to 6 cappuccinos. It includes an optional Cappuccino Automatic frother, that is interchangeable with the steam pipe, which can suck milk straight from the bottle into the cup, as well as plastic tamper and measuring spoon.

All lever models are equipped with 51mm 1 cup filter which can be used both with ground coffee and standard pods as well a 2 cup filter dish. The filter holder is equipped with a ring to avoid the filter’s falling during the dumping of spent coffee grounds.

Some of the great advantages of the La Pavoni lever machines are the pre-infusion, by lifting the lever the brass piston is raised inside the group allowing pressurised hot water to flow on the coffee grounds, allowing the coffee oils to break through and extract a more intense espresso. In bringing the lever down at various speed one can control the quantity and quality of the extraction to ensure it is made to ones own satisfaction.

The simple mechanics together with quality of the materials ensures that lime scale deposits have minimal effect, meaning minimum maintenance is needed.

Warranty: Euroespresso Machine Company Pty Ltd is the authorised Australian La Pavoni coffee machines distributor and service centre since 1968. We supply 2 year manufacturer's warranty on La Pavoni espresso machines and coffee grinders purchased through us. We also stock all spare parts and provide back service for any future service requirements.

La Pavoni lever machines supplied by Euroespresso Machine Co. Pty Ltd are made to approved Australian electrical standards.