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Shipped from Sydney, Australia.

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We take great care to thoroughly check all machines before shipment and pack them carefully with adequate padding. We also send with travel insurance.

La Pavoni espresso coffee machines come with 2 year manufacturer's warranty. Conditions apply. 

FREE 250g of Caffè EuroBlend

We include our freshly roasted Pavoni Blend, perfectly ground for the espresso machine to assist you with a reference for the correct grind for the espresso machine.

La Pavoni lever machines supplied by Euroespresso Machine Co. Pty Ltd are made to approved Australian electrical standards.




The La Pavoni  COMPETENTE coffee machine is part of the new elite Esperto range of domestic La Pavoni lever machines, introduced in the Milan, trade show in 2017.

Made of quality materials, a gold plated brass boiler compliments the nickel plated brass, traditional group head and Stradivari base. The Esperto Competente is finished with smoothly rippled rosewood handles, that add an ergonomic grip and crowned with the iconic gold or chrome eagle, synonymous with the status of La Pavoni machines. The Esperto range come with 2 coffee handles, naked head, double spout portafilters and 3 sizes in coffee dishes.  

 Special Features:

* A brewing pressure profiling gauge, allowing the user to monitor and adapt the variables in the coffee making process when pulling down the lever to assist with customising the extraction of the espresso.

* A thermal temperature strip to assist in ensuring that the group head has reached the desirable temperature for making coffee.

* 2 steam wands, both with 2 different size single holes to power steam as well as an auto frother.

* The temperatures read both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

* The new iconic eagle.

* 3 coffee filter dishes from 9, 16, and 20 g.

* Shower in group head photo engraved membrane.

* Coffee Tamper in stainless steel AISI 304 weight 300g

* Additional portafilter holder “Fascino” naked head allowing creamy espressos.


Warranty: Euroespresso Machine Company Pty Ltd is the authorised Australian La Pavoni coffee machines distributor and service centre since 1968. We supply 2 year manufacturer's warranty on La Pavoni espresso machines and coffee grinders purchased through us. We also stock all spare parts and provide back service for any future service requirements.