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Shipped from Sydney, Australia.

We take great care to thoroughly check all machines before shipment and pack them carefully with adequate padding. We also send with travel insurance.

FREE 250g of Caffè EuroBlend

We include our freshly roasted Pavoni Blend, perfectly ground for the espresso machine to assist you with a reference for the correct grind for the espresso machine.

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The La Pavoni – GEV2BPID is a professional semi-commercial espresso cappuccino coffee machine with dual boilers and PID controls. The 2 seperate boilers are individually dedicated to provide an increased level of pressure for steam and better temperature control for espresso extraction with the PID electronic digital adjustable temperature and pressure controls for brewing temperature stability.

This machine includes a superior full commercial grade rotary pump, the 2 pressure gauges for monitoring both pump and boiler pressure and a gauge on the group head to assist with the control of the correct brewing extraction process. It has the option to hand fill the water container or it can be connected directly to the water supply. It is also equipped with a copper boiler insulated to save energy and increased thermal stability. It includes a mechanical commercial grade pressure stat.

It has an AISI 304 stainless steel frame and an E61 group head.


The additional pressure gauge set on the group, allows you to read the brewing pressure profiling of the espresso. Thanks to this indicator, the barista can verify the exact grind, pressing and dose of the coffee in the filter.
If the brewing pressure is lower than the pump calibration (9 bar is the company setting), it means that the grinding is coarse, or the coffee is not pressed correctly, or the dose is not enough.

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Warranty: Euroespresso Machine Company Pty Ltd is the authorised Australian La Pavoni distributor and service centre since 1968. We supply 1 year manufacturer's warranty on machines purchased through us only. We also stock all spare parts and provide back service for any future service requirements.