Product Code: SO-116-1000


Coffee tasting notes: A strong, medium to dark roast, with a full chocolatey body and mellow acidity. Kenyan holds bold flavours of citrus wine like fruitiness.

Please note: Plunger, Filter, Percolator are the same coarseness



Our Caffe' Euroblend, Kenyan Arabica beans have a uniquely exquisite flavour and carefully roasted to extract their best characteristics, enjoyed as an espresso or however you prefer.

Kenya produces highly regarded coffee beans, outstanding on their own or blended, to compliment other beans. The unique characteristics of the acidic soil, sunlight and rainfall have proved ideal for coffee cultivation, depicted in the flavours of this country’s coffee. Kenya produces 1% of the world’s coffee, but the respect and recognition of Kenyan coffee goes way beyond these statistics. It is a thriving industry with an estimated 150,000 coffee farmers employing about 6 million people directly and indirectly in the industry.