La Pavoni Europiccola copper brass espresso cappuccino coffee machine

Euroespresso Product Range

We specialise in La Pavoni commercial and domestic espresso cappuccino machines for home, office and cafe`s providing sales, service and la Pavoni spare parts.

Demonstrations are on the first Saturday of every month on the art of coffee making on La Pavoni traditional lever coffee machines such as the Professional and Europiccola and pump style models such as the La Pavoni EDL.


We Are Also Coffee Roasters

Our most popular blend is our Euroblend House Blend. It is a traditional Italian style coffee roasted and blended here in Australia. An esquisit combination of high grade arabica beans carefully selected and roasted and combined to give the ultimate rich full flavour that makes you yearn for a cup of Euroblend however you drink your coffee.

Roasting the finest beans in the world here in Australia allows our customers the priverlage of drinking fresher quality coffee.We believe this is an advantage over imported coffees as our customers are enjoying a fresher food product. Roasting here gives our coffee full potential to be fresher longer than roasted coffee that has taken months to arrive in Australia.

Euro Blend Coffee

Coffee Packets Available In

  • 500 GRAMS
  • 250 GRAMS

Available in:

  • Beans
  • Espresso Grind
  • Stove top perculator grind
  • Filter grind
  • Plunger grind
  • Ibric (Turkish style very fine grind)

Our Caffe´ Euroblends

Euroblend House Blend:

An exquisite combination of medium and dark roasted beans, with a pleasing taste and full body, as a black coffee and a full flavoured cappuccino. Our most popular blend with restaurants and cafe´s.

Pavoini Blend:

A blend of medium to dark roasts with a sharp spicy flavour. Great for the strong espresso lover.

Italian Blend:

A medium and dark roasted combination. A rich sharp and spicy taste, great for a full strength cappuccino.


A single bean. Medium to full roast with a rich body, subtly sweet with medium acidity, a well balanced coffee.

Frence Blend:

A dark roast for the admirer of a strong coffee. It has good acidity and a great full sensation as a breakfast coffee with or without milk.

Costa Rica Coffee:

Medium to intense roast, with good acidity, rich in body and a captivating aroma.

Colombian Decaffeinated:

The caffeine has been removed by the famous Swiss Water method. This means no chemicals have been added to remove the caffeine. A great coffee just the same with a rich flavour and aroma. A good after dinner coffee.

Old Vienna:

A combination of medium and light roast, mild and spicy as well as slightly acidic, good as a plunger coffee or mixed with milk.

Caramel Double Roast:

A rich combination of dark and medium roasted beans, roasted twice for perfect caramelisation of the bean, creating a strong and enticing flavour. Great however you brew your coffee.

Also Available:

Included in our range are also some of the most exotic coffees, from the African continent, South Americas and Asia and more recently Organic Coffee.