La Pavoni Europiccola copper brass espresso cappuccino coffee machine

About Us - Euroespresso Machine Company

Marcello Nadile took over Euroespresso Machine Company in 1986. It was primarily an importer, distributor and service agency for La Pavoni commercial and domestic espresso cappuccino machines. In our humble beginnings as a small family run business, we created our first EUROBLEND HOUSE BLEND and later PAVONI BLEND. Our coffees became very popular.

Since then we have built up a very loyal clientele of domestic, café and restaurant customers and most of them are still with us today. Our business in Caffe` EUROBLEND® and La Pavoni coffee Machine sales have steadily grown year after year and now in a market saturated with new competitors, the La Pavoni machines are still purchased for their reliability, simplicity and performance.

Our Caffe` EUROBLEND® has become popular as it is recognised for it's richly flavoured qualities. In 1995 we purchased our first coffee roaster. This enabled us to introduce a larger variety of exquisite arabica coffees from the best coffee growing regions of the world.

Marcello Nadile carefully roasts each type of bean separately. This allows each coffee to reach its optimum potential with its own unique flavour and aroma. Then we taste and blend various combinations. Some are darker, some are lighter roasts, some are more acidic and spicy, some are more subtle and sweet in flavour, but all have their own special captivating taste and aroma that makes you yearn for a cup of coffee. When the various beans are combined, they create the magic taste of full bodied richly flavoured coffees. However some of our coffees are not blended. We allow you to enjoy them in their pure individual state as well.

We specialize in Italian and European style coffees suitable for any method of brewing. Roasting here in Australia allows you to enjoy the best coffees of the world, in a much fresher state than imported coffees. All coffee sold from our coffee house in Annandale is no more than a week old. We now market all our coffees under the registered trademarks of Caffe` EUROBLEND® and the EUROBLEND COFFEE TIME® clock marks our presence in many cafés and restaurants. We are very proud of the quality we have been able to produce and the personalised backup service we are always endeavoring to provide.

Over the years we have watched our commercial customers grow as well. Some have acquired a chain of restaurants and cafes or sandwich stores. Practically all of our customers also have la Pavoni coffee machines, making the relationship between our coffee and machine, like a marriage made in heaven. The machines have helped to present our coffees to their fullest potential truly as "the cream of the crop" attributing to the success of our customers and creating the perfect pour for "Espresso caffé con la crema!"